Technical characteristics:

Model of diesel generator set DGR 120/1500
Diesel generator power, kW 120
Model of diesel generator Siemens
Voltage, V 230/400
Current type three-phase, variable
Model of engine RD7
Engine type 4-stroke, with turbocharger,
direct injection
Engine speed, rpm 1500
Engine power, kW 138
Bore, mm 105
Stroke, mm 130
№ and arrangement of cylinders 6-cylinder, in line
Engine starting air or electric starter
Cooling system water-watered
Fuel mark by State Standard 305-82 L-0,2; L-0,5; З-0,2; З-0,5
Oil mark:
by State Standard 174791-85
by SAE
М14D2; М14Е2; М16D2; М16E2
Specifiec fuel consumption, g/kWхh 220
Specifiec oil consumption, g/kWхh 1,36
Model WPS system and engine protection IRTYSH 7SU6-10
Alarm operation characteristics of engine by fuel leakage, maximum speed,
minimum oil pressure, maximum water temperature
, maximum oil temperature
Protection characteristics of engine by maximum speed,
minimum oil pressure
Overal dimensions of aggregate, LхBхH, mm 2350х1000х1315
Weight of aggregate,kg 1350
Running time until average repair, hour 15000
Running time until capital repair, hour 30000
Warranty period 12 months from the moment of input of DG in operation,
but no more than 15 months from a delivery date


Standard complete set:

The double-circuit cooling system with the pump of outside water and coolers of water and oil; two-wire electric circuit with the charging generator; electric starter 24V; double-circuit fuel pipelines, fuel leakage sensor, stop-device; local and remote electronic panels of control, WPS and protection «IRTYSH 7SU6-10» on the 2nd extent of automation; hot-water heater; generator heater (anti-condensate); the compensator of a final collector with a knee; temperature regulator; set ZIP; wooden packing; technical documentation (form, maintenance instruction, catalogs of spare parts).

Additional complete set:

Case of management «IRTYSH Potok» ship power plant, consisting of two and more DG; batteries; muffler spark arrester; oil pumping pump; set of flexible hoses for connection to ship systems.

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